Bfit - Fitness by Brenna
Bfit - Fitness by Brenna
Intention is the act of being deliverate and having a purpose. When our actions are aligned with our purpose, it strengthens our understanding and commitment, and enables us to focus on an outcome and be consistent. Consistentcy is one of the most impactful aspects to reaching fitness goals because it creates a habit. The body responds to continual work over time. In the world of health, when many are attempting to make positive changes, staying focused is half the battle. When we understand why we should incorporate behaviors into our lifestyle (do I really need to do squats or eat kale??), being intentional becomes innate. I will enrich you with knowledge of how your body functions and what it requires to be a fit machine. This this knowledge you can set your intention to reach specific goals and develop a holistic, healthy image of being fit.
Bfit - Fitness by Brenna
Many aspects go into making a person whole. In health, wholeness can imply being healthy. In my practice, I focus on a variety of wellness elements:
  • A tailored, balanced exercise program including muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance/core strength, flexibility/mobility and attention to muscle imbalances
  • Nutrition beyond the basics, learning what is optimal for each individual's unique biochemistry
  • Recovery and rest: why and when it is needed
  • Examining other factors/stressors that can impact how one feels (thus affecting programming): occupational, emotional, social and spiritual
My goal is to help you develop well-rounded habits that lead to your best self. I want you to feel strong and fit not only when you exercise but in all areas of your life. Awareness of what will or will not make us whole can lead us to being intentional...which leads us to staying focused and consistent which leads us to...
Bfit - Fitness by Brenna
Now that you understand why you are making changes, being intentional, staying focused and attaining wholeness, your fitness goals can be reached! Being fit is more than a look; it's a whole package: you can carry your own in a workout yet also have the energy to feel strong performing everyday activities ("wow, this suitcase is packed to the limits but it's easy to hoist it over my head to put in the overhead bin") and feel more confident because of it. You are now making smart nutritional choices which feed your energy to do all the above plus feel even-keeled throughout the day, decreasing the need to reach for a quick sugar fix. That has also given you extra vigor to enjoy time with your family and friends, increase your work output and appreciate your time off since you don't constantly feel like you are dragging. But that is no surprise...after all, you are fit!